Rates and Fees

Affordable Counseling Rates in Atlanta, GA


We accept many major insurance plans including: Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, United Health, and many More. 

Individual Session Rates

Costs are determined on a sliding scale based on services rendered, and the total number of counseling sessions. For your convenience, We are proud to accept Many Major Insurance types common in the Atlanta, GA Area. Hence, many of our clients pay only a small co-pay!

Counselors: Not All Created Equal  

Not all therapists are created equal. There are some very good ones, and there are some not so good ones. Some counselors are only good at retaining clients for years, but not at actually helping those clients resolve their life issues, improve their personal relationships, or achieve their life goals.


Thrive Atlanta Therapists are the complete opposite. Here is a short video about our team of counselors:

Our Counselors: Leaders in the Field

No Waiting Lists 

At other therapy centers, you would have to wait weeks or even months to see a therapist. We believe this is an unfair and insensitive way to treat clients. We don’t believe that a long waiting list is a mark of a good therapist. In fact, we think it is a mark of a mismanaged counseling practice.


At Thriveworks Atlanta, we can book your first session within the same week as your first call. We can sometime even set your first appointment the day after you call our office.


We understand that it takes people a great deal of soul-searching and motivation to seek treatment. It is an effort that we want to reward our clients for, so that we encourage them to complete their counseling.


How is Thriveworks Atlanta Therapy able to implement a no waiting list policy? Every counselor working for us regularly leaves a few slots open in his or her schedule every week. This method ensures that no client ever has to be put on a waiting list to get the help that he or she deserves. 

Positive Feedback

We want to provide the best counseling service possible, which is why we encourage our clients to give us feedback. Our counselors are required to maintain positive client feedback. 


Clients can actually “grade” their counselor’s performance. We encourage clients to report exactly how sympathetic, considerate, understanding, and helpful their counselors really are. We do this through a simple questionnaire that we give to each client after every session. Here are some of the actual questions from that feedback form:


  • My therapist understood what I said during today’s session

  • My therapist was sympathetic and concerned about me

  • My therapist felt I was worthwhile

  • My therapist was friendly and warm towards me

  • My therapist helped me toward reaching my goals

  • I felt that I could trust my therapist during today’s session


Dr. David Burns, a famous psychiatrist, once said that therapists do not usually ask for this type of feedback from their clients because they are afraid of the answers. Not us. These performance reviews ensure that Thriveworks Atlanta is consistently providing the best counseling service possible.


There's no pressure. Let's talk. 


Call us today at 404-682-1923 to learn more about our services or to schedule your first session. You can also reach us through email. Please send your message along with your phone number so that we can get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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