Psychological Testing for Bariatric Surgery Atlanta

Bariatric Surgery is a surgery that helps you lose weight by decreasing the size of your stomach and small intestines. After the surgery, you will eat - but you will feel fuller faster. You will feel satisfied with less food.

Additionally, your body won’t be able to absorb all of the calories absorbed by the food you eat.

Bariatric Surgery happens in one of two ways: The first way is to make a small incision and the surgeon will conduct the bypass by working on your stomach and intestines.

The other way is by laparoscope - a small camera helps work the surgery from the inside.

Why the Procedure is Performed?

Bariatric Surgery (or Gastric Bypass) helps patients who cannot seem to lose weight by dieting, exercise, and changing behavior. The procedure may also be conducted on those with type-2 diabetes.

After the surgery, you still must exercise and diet.

Who can have the surgery?

Before having the surgery, among other conditions, patients must undergo psychological testing for bariatric surgery. The test assesses the patient’s mental health and helps evaluate if the test is appropriate.

At Thriveworks Atlanta, we conduct Psych testing for Bariatric Surgery. If this is one of the steps you need to completing the surgery and becoming a more healthier you, call us today. We can help you in the process.

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