Facts About Laziness

It's unfortunate, but a result of our increased leaps in technology and modern society has also led to a rise in laziness. In fact, a recent survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has pointed out that we are working less and relaxing more than we did in 2007, just 7 short years ago. 

Does this mean we're getting lazier?

In some cases, yes. If we're defining laziness by a lack of physical activity, then GAFF has quite the survey for you. They found that 78% of Americans don't meet the daily requirements for physical activity. Instead, many people are watching television and/or playing with smartphones. 

But don't we work a lot of hours already?

It's true that America is average compared to the rest of the developed world when it comes to hours worked during the week. But that doesn't account for the rise in workers who are leaving the workforce entirely because they simply don't want to do the job. 

Sure, we're working more, but are we productive? That can be difficult to tell, but the fact remains that these trends are increasing as our children begin to step into the roles of adults. It's no secret that obesity in America is considered an epidemic for our youth, and this is taking a significant toll on the overall health of our nation.

What can we do? 

There are numerous ways to tackle the issue of laziness, and we recommend life coaching. Having someone coach you through the techniques and mindset necessary for creating and sustaining a lazy-free lifestyle.