Facts About Happiness

Do you feel as if happiness is an unattainable goal? Here are some reasons why that is not the case:

1. Most of your happiness  comes for your personal attitude. There are other factors, such as your upbringing, current environment and hereditary traits, but your outlook contributes far more.

2. Forcing yourself to smile can actually make you happier.

3. Having your basic needs met will make you happier, but buying things addition to basic needs rarely makes you happier.

4. Generally, older people are happier than younger people, though this isn’t usually the case during middle age.

5. Many people reach their peak of happiness when they get married, but their happiness will slowly return to the level it was before marriage over time.

6. Dancing drastically boosts your mood, especially compared to other exercises.

7. People in relationships tend to be happier than single people. In addition, happier people typically have more stable relationships.

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