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Whether your career is in crisis, or you want to advance or change your job, we can help.

At Thriveworks Career Counseling, we want you to know that no matter what your job situation is, you can find work that is both meaningful and lucrative. It's normal to hit roadblocks in your career. The good thing is that when it comes to those roadblocks, you can break right through them. At Thriveworks, a professionally trained counselor will help you to: 

    Map out your Interest and Skills

    Assess you Career Goals

    Prepare to Get the Joy you Want

    Explore Lucrative and Exciting Options


Thrive Atlanta Career Counseling is Dramatically Different than the rest...

Thriveworks Counselors, every year, help hundreds of individuals improve their situation at work, find a new job, or figure out the next step in their career. 

Thriveworks Atlanta hires only the most qualified, best counseling professionals. Our Counselors:

  • Have earned Masters or Doctoral (PH.D.) level degrees
  • Hold additional certifications and specializations
  • Are authorities in the counseling field and speak nationally to mental health professionals
  • Are always perfecting and refining their abilities, skills, and expertise

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