Why You Shouldn't Skip Meals

Facts and misconceptions related to meal skipping.

why you shouldn't skip meals
You've no doubt heard the old saying that "breakfast is the best meal of the day," and there is plenty of truth to this. When we skip meals, we take the risk of setting ourselves up for unhealthy consumption of food later in the day.

For example, let's say you've skipped breakfast because due to a lack of time, or you simply don't care. At lunch, you don't feel satiated and eat more food than you normally would. You may think this is fine because you're making up for what you missed during breakfast, but that's not a reality (sadly).

Eating too much in one sitting isn't tempered by a skipped meal (except in extreme cases), especially if you're consuming more in that one meal than you would breakfast and lunch (or dinner) combined. 

If you want to keep the extra pounds off and stay healthy, we strongly recommend you keep true to old sayings in favor of breakfast. A great choice that takes little prep is a healthy serving size of fruits like apples and oranges. Their natural sugars wake you up and are great for your stomach to digest and feel full longer.