Ways to Volunteer This Thanksgiving

Serving others during the holidays is one of the best ways to build strong and positive moods for these times that can be difficult for some. For Thanksgiving, we have come up with a few launching points for you to take hold of as you brainstorm methods of volunteering in your own communities.

First, research your area for all of the opportunities available to you. If you find a place or event that speaks to you, call them ahead of time and let them know you're interested in helping out. This way, they can help you maximize your efforts depending on what they're looking for. Be creative and flexible, noting that there are ways to serve at night, after everyone has already had their big meal.

Some great resources for finding places like Soup Kitchens to volunteer at are 1800volunteer.org, The Salvation Army, and http://www.cns.gov. Also ask around work to see if your office is doing anything for the holidays.

If you don't have time to actually go and volunteer somewhere, you can always donate food and goods to the people who need it. 

If you do have time, consider helping with Meal Delivery. These people need drivers to help deliver Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes are also great places to contact for volunteer opportunities. They typically have their own events and functions for the holiday, so ask if they need anymore volunteers.

Food Drives are also great methods for helping many people in need. If you're having trouble finding something like this in your area, consider starting your own! You can go around your community, workplace, schools or anywhere else and ask people to donate extra food to your local food bank.