3 ways to Overcome Loneliness and Isolation in Atlanta, GA

posted Apr 10, 2012, 9:53 AM by AJ Centore   [ updated Apr 10, 2012, 9:55 AM ]
Moving to a new city can be extremely difficult, especially when you are making the move alone and have no support system in place at your new destination. If you are new to Atlanta, GA., then you have probably very quickly figured out that the city is spread out over a very wide area and it’s easy to feel somewhat out of the loop if your new home is located outside the perimeter. The truth is though that all of those small cities that sit around the main downtown core have plenty to offer and it’s simply a matter of getting out there in order to make friends.


Knowing where to go can be a problem though, and that is where a site like Meetup.com comes in really handy. You can search for groups of like-minded people, all of whom are sorted out by location and interest. For example, if you are someone that loves to go to live sports events, or even just sit in a bar to somewhere to soak up the action, then you will easily find a number of groups that are dedicated to the sport of your choice. Let’s say that you moved to Atlanta from Pittsburgh and are a huge Steelers fan, you should have no problem locating a group of fans that congregate in a single spot every Sunday to watch the game. Sharing that common passion for the sport and the team means that you have an instant connection with all the other folks in attendance.


Another great website where you can connect with locals and find out great places to go hang out is at 404area.com. It works very much like a social network, and not only can you make friends with other people in your area, you can get reviews for restaurants, clubs, museums and galleries, and just about everything that the city of Atlanta has to offer. You will also find listings for upcoming events that might be of interest to you, as well as a host of other great resources that are invaluable to those who are new to the city.


If meeting people online isn’t really your thing, then you should try to take the time to get to know your neighbors. If you live in a community that has a pool and clubhouse, then check out the bulletin board for events that might be coming up in your neighborhood. Getting to know the people in your community is a great way to quickly make some friends quickly, especially since they live nearby. If you are really having some difficulty settling into your new home and are anxious about getting out there, or simply feel depressed or lonely, then it might help to talk to someone at Thriveworks Atlanta Counseling. There you will find a professional who will listen, and who will help you to adjust to life in the great city of Atlanta.