Atlanta Psychiatry

Atlanta Psychiatry

Excellent and licensed psychiatrists in the greater Atlanta, GA area are available. Give us a call today.

If you have been searching for psychiatrists in the Atlanta area, perhaps you've thought there is not a well-trained, convenient, licensed psychiatrist that fits your schedule, budget or needs. Because of this and the avoidance of paying for “cash only” practices who won’t accept your insurance, you’ve given up on finding the right psychiatrist – or even worse, a psychiatrist at all.

But not at Thrive Atlanta!

We have three benefits that will create an easy opportunity for you to find a great psychiatrist.

First, we meet premium-level care.

At Thrive Atlanta, we are proud to offer not only excellent licensed counselors and psychologists, but also excellent licensed psychiatrists who meet our high standard of premium-level care. Moreover, when you schedule an appointment at Thrive Atlanta, we can set up your first psychiatry appointment right away (this week!). We are conveniently located in the Sandy Springs metro area of Atlanta and make for convenient travel from Dunwoody, Roswell and Downtown ATL.

Second, we accept many insurance plans.

Even more, our excellent licensed psychiatrists accept almost every major health insurance plan, including (but not limited to) Blue Cross / Blue Shield and many more.

Third, we have developed a balance approach for your benefit.

Lastly, our psychiatrists take a thorough and balanced approach to care, providing psychiatric medication management for a wide variety of issues, as well as ongoing support and psychotherapy (i.e., counseling).

We're improving the way psychiatry is practiced in Atlanta, GA.

We would love to talk with you about getting started. Call us anytime at (404) 682-1923


Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Atlanta Psychiatry Team


In case you want the highlights one more time:

-Excellent Licensed Psychiatrists

-No Waiting Lists (be seen this week)

-We DO accept most insurance plans