Depression Therapy

Sandy Springs Depression Help Is Available in Atlanta, GA 

Depression drains away hope, happiness, and life from both people it inflicts, as well as the friends and family members closest to them. What many people don’t realize, though, is that clinical depression is a very treatable condition. Clinical studies conducted over the last 20+ years have found time and time again that counseling helps individuals to recover from even the most severe depression. 

If you are struggling with depression or think you might be depressed, reach out to Thriveworks Atlanta. We have therapists who specialize in helping individuals to manage depression symptoms and ultimately live a happier, healthier life. We want to help you start healing as soon as possible. So, call 404-682-1923 today to schedule an appointment or hear more about our services!

Am I Depressed? Signs and Symptoms

The first step in getting help is acknowledging there is a problem. The questions below cannot confirm 100% whether or not you have depression; however, if you answer “yes” to more than three of these questions, you might be experiencing some level of clinical depression:

  1. Have you felt down most of the day, more days than not, for at least 2 weeks?
  2. Are you bothered by things that in the past didn't bother you?
  3. Are you experiencing an increase in physical aches or pains? Do you find that you get sick easily?
  4. Are you having trouble falling asleep at night; or waking up early (unable to fall back asleep)?
  5. Has your appetite or weight recently fluctuated?
  6. Are you having any problems concentrating?
  7. Do you find that simple daily tasks seem to take a large effort to accomplish?
  8. Do you predict that your future will be depressing, painful, sad, or unpleasant?
  9. Do you feel lonely?
  10. Have you been withdrawing from others?
  11. Have you lost interest in activities that you used to enjoy?
If you answered yes to several or more of the questions above, consider meeting with a therapist at Thriveworks Atlanta. We have counselors on staff who are equipped to help you manage your symptoms and live a better life. 

How Can Therapy Help Depression?

The therapists at Thriveworks Atlanta have helped many of their clients to defeat their depression. If you are struggling with feelings of depression, and you decide to meet with one of our depression counselors, they will help you by having important conversations about...
  • A potential cause of your depression
  • Negative and positive thinking
  • Improving your self-image
  • Coping tactics
  • Self-care techniques
Our counselors recognize that what you're struggling with is unique. While millions of others deal with depression too, every single experience is unique: the symptoms, the cause, the effects, etc. So, your Thriveworks Atlanta depression counselor will first work to understand your specific presentation and then develop an effective treatment plan in counseling. 

Schedule a Depression Therapy Session Today in Sandy Springs, GA

Depression isn't just "the blues." Depression steals life away from the person struggling with it and their loved ones. 
If you think you might be depressed, consider talking to a professional at Thriveworks Atlanta. You do not have to struggle with it alone. In fact, there is depression treatment out there that proves effective—one form being therapy.

Let us help. The one good thing about depression is that it is very treatable. Call us at 404-682-1923 to schedule your first appointment.