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We live in times when many relationships are in trouble. Did you know that 39% of modern American marriages end in legal divorce and that even more marriages are in a state of "emotional divorce"? Couples who are "emotionally divorced" are committed to each other only in name; keeping up appearances. In reality, all the magic in their relationship is gone. Many of these people feel trapped with their partners. This only adds to the frustration that poisons what was once a happy relationship. 

If you can relate, your relationship could benefit from couples counseling at Thriveworks Atlanta. We have couples counselors on staff who are experts in helping couples to improve their relationship. This might involve working through difficult issues like jealousy or infidelity, or simply learning how to communicate more effectively. If you think you and your partner could find value in working with a couples counselor at Thriveworks Atlanta, give us a call today.

Relationship Issues Discussed in Couples Counseling

Here are some of the difficulties that many couples struggle with every day. Do any of these hit home for you? 

  • Cheating / Affairs / Distrust

  • Jealousy / Anger / Resentment

  • Dependency / Co-Dependency

  • Communication Problems

  • Overburdened Schedules


These common relationship issues can have serious effects on your physical and emotional health—but they can often be resolved. The problem for most couples isn't that they've experienced trouble; it's that they've gone on for far too long without asking for help, even though that help is just an email or phone call away.  

How Does Counseling Help Couples?

The counselors at Thriveworks Atlanta possess unique skills that allow them to help their clients live better. When it comes to couples counselors helping couples to improve their relationships, they assist the two in identifying any current challenges and coming up with an effective plan for confronting said problem. If you decide to work with a couples counselor at Thriveworks Atlanta, they will likely use a variety of techniques and approaches to help you and your partner, which might include: 

  • Positive psychology

  • Intimacy enhancement

  • Narrative therapy

  • Analysis of communication

  • Emotionally focused couples therapy

Again, the couples counselors at Thriveworks Atlanta will work to understand the dynamics of your relationship and then choose the most effective techniques for helping you and your partner to create a happier, healthier relationship.

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Just by reading this article, you’ve made the first step in your journey toward a better future for you and your partner. Let us walk with you from this point forward. Let us help your relationship thrive.

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