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Barbara Quotes

Dr. Rubin is frequently called on to comment on or write about issues relating to mental health. Here are a few she's been quoted in:

“Staying Sane for the Holidays,” Barbara J. Rubin, author., 
November, 2007. Dr. Rubin writes that pacing, planning and a self-assessment 
may be the greatest gift you give yourself this season.

“How to Deal With A Child Who Acts Out,” Barbara J. Rubin, author., October, 2007. Dr. Rubin says that a child acting out can 
be a "teachable moment."

“Working Couple’s Problem Child,” Barbara J. Rubin, author., 
August, 2007. Dr. Rubin suggests that knowledge of family details helps teachers 
provide solutions to a child’s school challenges. 

“My Favorite Web Sites.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 15, 2007. Dr. Rubin’s 
favorite sites are profiled in the paper’s Business Section.

“Stanton Trans Bias Case Shows Largo City Officials Need Educating,” Barbara J. 
Rubin, author. Express Gay News (newspaper), March 23, 2007. Dr. Rubin’s 
editorial conveys the need to correct collective misinformation regarding 
transgender individuals.

“Suicide By Saw: Bloody Attempt Dramatizes Health Care Crisis,” Barbara J. Rubin, 
quoted. The Sunday Paper, March 18, 2007. Dr. Rubin comments on the 
psychological factors that lead to desperate measures when individuals are 
without health insurance and face chronic illness. 

“Infatuation Gone Awry,” Barbara J. Rubin, quoted. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 
February 18, 2007. Dr. Rubin discusses the point at which the feelings of rejection 
can grow out of control. 

“Battle of the Sexes – Skirts vs. Shirts: The jocks can grumble but men vs. women sports 
spectacles generate box-office buzz,” Barbara J. Rubin, quoted. Atlanta Journal-
Constitution, May 27, 2006. Dr. Rubin suggests a “reasoned response” to gender 
stereotyping when society comments on women competing against men.

“Superman…is a girl – When your son wants to be a princess: Costume conflicts can 
spook parents,” Barbara J. Rubin, quoted. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 
21, 2005. Dr. Rubin comments on children’s requests to wear gender-bending 
Halloween costumes.

“The Price of Beauty,” Barbara J. Rubin, quoted in OUT magazine, October 2005. Dr. 
Rubin comments on psychological aspects involved in reasons for growth in 
plastic surgery among gay men.

Live radio interview with Barbara J. Rubin, The Tony Booth Show, WTOX AM 
(Richmond, Virginia), October 2005. Dr. Rubin comments on the (collective) 
psychological benefits of professional women’s professional basketball player 
Sheryl Swoopes’ “coming out” as lesbian.

“Bringing Psychological Services In-House: A Look at the Fulton County Family Court 
Pilot Project,” Barbara J. Rubin, author. American Bar Association’s Child Law 
Practice, Volume 21, No. 2, April 2002. Dr. Rubin explains the advantages of 
having a staff psychologist as member of the Family Court. 

Divorce Wars: Interventions with Families in Conflict, by Elizabeth M. Ellis, Copyright 
2000, the American Psychological Association. Dr. Rubin interviewed on the 
benefits of a psychologist serving as full-time staff within a Family Division of 
Superior Court.

“When the Family Wants You Home Alone,” Barbara J. Rubin, author. Southern Voice 
newspaper, December 18, 1997. Dr. Rubin discusses common issues confronting 
gays and lesbians wanting to bring their partners home to meet families of origin 
at the holidays. Honorable Mention, Division A, Best Specialty Column, Vice 
Versa Award for Excellence in the Gay and Lesbian Press, 1997-1998.