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Anxiety is a persistant state of worry, accompanied by a feeling of impending doom. In many cases, the person with anxiety doesn't know what exactly is making them to anxious. Additional symptoms can include:

Tense Feelings, 
Being Unable to Relax
Shallow Breaths
A Feeling of Separation from your Self
Feeling like you're in a Cloud
Rapid Heartbeat
Raised Blood Pressure
Cotton Mouth / Dry Mouth
Sweating / Perspiring
The Constant Anticipation of Trouble Ahead

A number of external factors can exacerbate one's feelings of anxiety: 

  • External situations (viewing the nightly news, fast paced lifestyle)
  • Physical well being (lack of sleep, blood sugar imbalance)
  • Learned behavior (parents or others who were highly anxious)
  • Trauma (situations that may be similar to experiences of the past that caused great pain)


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or causes, there is effective treatment for anxiety. Many of our clients find relief after just a few sessions (and experience relief in session one). Call us at 404-682-1923 to schedule your first appointment with a Thriveworks Atlanta Therapist.

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