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Thrive Counseling LLC would like to welcome all visitors to our website. Here persons can find mental health articles, as well as schedule an appointment with a counselor or life coach. Our goal is for you to have a positive counseling or life coaching experience. Please feel free to ask us any questions!

If you are suicidal, this is not an appropriate place to acquire help. Please stop what you are doing and call 911.

Disclaimer re: information / articles on this website

Thrive Counseling LLC provides mental health information for general purposes only. Information posted on this website is not a substitute for a professional consultation or health evaluation. Persons seeking mental health treatment should consult with a licensed mental health professional. Any individual presenting medical problems should immediately consult with a physician. 

Advertisement Policy

Thrive Counseling LLC makes clearly marks content by third party advertisements and sponsors by labeling them as “advertiser”, “sponsor”, or by some comparable designation. Hence, Provider makes clear distinctions between sponsored/advertiser information and non-bias health information. We currently (6/28/12) do not have any advertising on our website, other than information related to our professional counseling services.